I'm Kenan Aden

Hey there!

Hello, I am a UX designer specializing in UI design based in Seattle, WA. Reading and thinking about designing is my passion. Finding solutions to everyday issues with creative design is a joy that brightens my day. I also love nature and try to spend time in nature as much as possible. Lucky to live in the State of Washington which is a heaven for nature lovers.

Las but not least, I spend a lot of time sustainability and how I can contribute with my designing skills.

My Professional Development

I faced and resolved challenging problems as a manager for many years. On top of my work experience, the psychology degree that I earned lifted my problem-solving abilities to a whole new level with a deep understanding of human thinking processes. The research skills I gained throughout my education helped me learn how to test the universe and use the information to solve problems.

With the design courses and classes I got, I learned how to apply all my knowledge and skills to develop products that exceed market standards and meet user needs.

UI Design
UX Design
UX Research
User Testing